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          Attitude determines everything, details leads to victory.Innovation determines development, action leads to the future.

          As a high quality manufacturer in China, providing solutions for gas and liquid transportation in harsh underground environments.

          Haiyang products centre

          The company specializes in research & development, production, sales and after-sales of stainless steel coiled tubing, stainless steel control line, stainless steel coiled tube, stainless steel encapsulated tubing, stainless steel armored test cable and stainless steel capillary tube.


          Contact us

          Call us: Mrs.Wang

          Mobile phone: 13962098025

          Telephone: 0515-85542788

          E-mail: cnbxgg@126.com

          Address: Hougang industrial zone, Shiyan town, Dongtai city, Jiangsu province

          • Stainless steel coiled tubing
            Stainless steel coiled tubing

            Coiled tubing, also known as flexible tubing or flexible tubing, is widely used in the fields of workover, logging, and drilling. Its production technology is the advanced high-end technology in the oil and gas industry today. Prior to this, only two companies in the world were able to manufacture and produce, and the supply of products was very hard-to-get. China has always depended on imports.

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          • Stainless steel armored test cable
            Stainless steel armored test cable

            Dongtai Ocean Petroleum Instrument Co. Ltd. takes the production of High pressure with extra long stainless steel control tubelines (stainless steel coils) as its leading direction. In recent years, the company has been committed to the development and production of duplex steel and nickel-based alloy control tubelines, and has been widely recognized in the market.

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          • Stainless steel control line
            Stainless steel control line

            1/8”Hydraulic control line, also called capillary tube, mainly used for oil and gas field underground capillary pressure measurement. The temperature and pressure sensor (also known as a downhole permanent pressure gauge, generally a nitrogen cylinder) and the production string of the oil and gas well are run into the oil and gas layer several kilometers deep, and then the 1/8 "hydraulic control line (capillary) The temperature and pressure sensors are always connected to the surface of the fluorescent display, so that the downhole temperature and pressure can be transmitted to the surface through the capillary tube

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          • stainless steel coiled tube
            stainless steel coiled tube

            The series of our products have been inspected by China National Petroleum Corporation, petroleum tube supervision and inspection center, China Offshore Oil Bohai Corporation, and are in accordance with ASTM A269 APIRP5 C7 and JISG4305 project standards. Our products not only meet the need of domestic land and sea oil exploration, but also has been exported to many countries. It has been recognized and highly praised by both domestic and foreign companies.

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          Dongtai Ocean Petroleum Instrument Co. Ltd.

          Dongtai Ocean Petroleum Instrument Co. Ltd. was founded in 1998. With the leading direction of producing High pressure with extra long stainless steel control lines (stainless steel coiled tubes), it has become a high-tech industrial company integrating domestic research and development, production and sales. The company successfully developed a series of stainless steel test cables in 2000. In recent years, the company has been committed to the research and development of duplex steel and nickel alloy control lines, and has been widely approved in the international market.

          Offshore oil instrument Construction Site

          Wide range of product applications, good reputation from customers

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